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*Make your own hampers need to be £25 or more per hamper…

Make Your Own

Our Make your Own Hamper option means that you not only receive the best Cotswold products but you can now chose exactly what you want to send to your lucky recipient. Our customers are delighted to select whichever products and flavours take their fancy or add new products to existing hampers that we have carefully created. So, you have the opportunity to buy our selected hampers, add more to them and make your own.

Once you chose one of our delicious artisan products, you will find other suggestions that compliment each selection. So, sit down with a glass of your favourite tipple and enjoy being creative. If you need some inspiration, take a look at our gorgeous ready made hampers. Start by adding a beautiful hamper and then browse our Cotswold Artisan products, we have a large collection of Cotswold products available including Cheeses so why not create a delicious Cheese Hamper?






Multiple Hampers?


People really liked the idea of being able to create their own hamper from scratch. Not only is it fun to do, but they also like to give their recipients the exactly products that they believe they would love. This means that every lovely hamper is as lovely as it possibly can be and everyone is happy! So go on, create your own hamper and see what you end up with!

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