Artisan Food Gifts from Gloucestershire

Artisan Hampers from Gloucestershire delivered for Christmas

About this time of year in the build up to Christmas, I was always searching for artisan food gifts and hampers that offered a choice of award winning foods from local artisan food suppliers in Gloucestershire only.

But alas, they either didn’t have a good selection of contents or the artisan foods were not just from Gloucestershire.

Here in Gloucestershire, we’re lucky to have some of the best local producers of gourmet foods in the country. Although it’s great to wander around farmers markets & delis in search of them, wouldn’t it be good to click a button and order what you want, when you want it, in between times and in the form of a delivery or hand crafted gift to another.

So, I thought I would (as a hobby) set up Love local for foodies and provide people with the product and service of supplying lovely local artisan foods.

We only use genuine local suppliers, carefully selected for their passion to provide food lovers with something a bit special. Be assured that every item has been taste tested for excellence (not a hardship!) and is produced to the highest possible standard.

We are focusing on two areas:

Our customers

At Love Local for foodies, we want to provide you with easy access to delicious local award winning artisan foods, presented beautifully and uniquely and delivered to your friends, family, customers or staff, for their personal enjoyment. Or indeed, for your own indulgence! Bringing a taste of Gloucestershire to everyone’s doorstep

Supporting local artisan food suppliers

The abundance of luscious, local artisan food suppliers in Gloucestershire deserves even more attention. The area is becoming a major hub for fabulous artisan foods and buying ‘local’ is becoming more and more popular. Our delicious hamper products have been chosen very carefully, so that you get the full variety of different local suppliers in each hamper.


So, two months on, now that it’s definitely not a hobby, we are ready for the festive season and already have plans for valentines, mother’s day and fathers day.

At Love local for Foodies, while everyone else recovers for Christmas, we will be adding a whole new range of Cotswold artisan food gifts to our current stock of local Gloucestershire Artisan foods.

Should you wish to meet us, taste our samples or just have a nose at the delicious selection of artisan foods, you can also pop over to Cirencesters farmers market on the 13th December & 20th December.

We are also at Stroud Goodwill on 5th December offering local Artisan Hampers.

If you want to let your fingers do the walking – pop onto our landing page and use our £5.00 voucher if you dare.

To get our unique Gloucestershire artisan food gifts – hurry now and you can enjoy free delivery in the Stroud area.

Next time – you can hear about the local artisan food suppliers who will tell their stories. We will also be offering a create your own hamper service next year, so watch this space.