Festive flavours bring your senses alive at Christmas!

Sugar and spice and all things nice for Christmas.

Taste and smell is very much linked to memory and that’s what makes the flavours of Christmas so potent.

Every person has his or her own nostalgia trigger, a taste or scent which floods the senses with thoughts of Christmas.

Most people can relate the scent of oranges, cinnamon and cloves to Christmas but tastes can vary from family to family, culture to culture.

The use of mixed spices in sweet and savoury dishes in the UK became popular at Christmas during the 19th century when the spice trade made them more available to Europe.

Although, as these exciting new spices were expensive for the average cook, they were used sparingly and saved to celebrate Christmas and special occasions, hence the connection.

Nutmeg and ginger are just as evocative as cinnamon and cloves, especially when combined with citrus peel and mixed fruits.

Whether you’re baking gingerbread cookies, topping up your puddings and cakes with a good cognac or making fresh egg nog or mulled wine, the aroma of Christmas play with your senses long before you get to enjoy the taste.

We are now spoilt with the inventive flavours of Christmas created by local artisan food providers across the UK.

For instance, Christmas pudding flavoured fudge and Boxing Day chutney are examples of delicious handmade food enhanced especially for Christmas and make wonderful gifts.

You can also find a dazzling selection of scented candles, sprays and infusers to fill your home or gift to friends and family.

Most of which use the same Christmas spices and ingredients as you use for cooking because with the flavours of Christmas, the wonder is in the fragrance just as much as the taste.

Love Local wishes you a very tasty and fragrant Christmas x