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Godsells Cheeses – produced at the farm just three miles from us with many types such as Single & Double Gloucestershire, Chive & Cheddar and Mature Cheddar. All cheeses selected make the perfect accompaniment to other Artisan hampers or why not make your own hamper.

The Double Gloucester Cheese has a fudgy texture and fruity taste and is less dense than a Cheddar.

Single Gloucester Cheese is a lighter and earlier maturing cheese than its big brother Double. Traditionally made using half skimmed milk it has a fresh, sometimes nutty taste, slightly more acidic than Double but very moorish. If eaten with good company and a bottle of wine it soon disappears from the table!

Holy Smoked is a Single Gloucester cheese but not traditionally matured, as the smoke would not penetrate rind evenly. It is smoked using oak or beech chippings and is the only Smoked Single Gloucester in the world. A perfect addition to the make your own hamper option especially if you add some Paddock House Peach & Chilli Chutney.

Village Gossip is made using Single Gloucester and chives. Usually appreciated by those who like a strong cheese, stating the obvious but very oniony! Uley is similar but part single and part double Gloucester.

Chilli Chedder, well that’s just plain and sizlzling hot!!!

All of the above can be mixed to make the perfect cheese hamper.

Artisan Cheeses are always a winner. Why not make  your own hamper now or chose from our ready created selection of cheese hampers to suit many taste buds.

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