• christmas corporate gifts at love local for foodies
  • christmas corporate gifts at love local for foodies





Stroud Valley Cordials –Inspired by the Cotswolds countryside and at home in the bohemian, yet industrial Five Valleys.

Fruity and Local with both Apricot/Ginger and Sloe/Raspberry being selected for their festive flavours.

Apricot & Ginger Cordial is a spicy, yet smooth fruity mix of ripe Apricot juice and Ginger extract that leaves a lingering heat, made using 30% apricot juice with a surprising kick in the tail. Drink it hot if you like a fiery punch by adding hot water instead of cold.

Any lovely cordial makes the perfect addition if you want to make your own hamper.

Sloe & Raspberry with a hint of vanilla is packed with tart sloes & sweet raspberries, then made rich with a hint of vanilla. Drink it with hot water for a nice winter warmer.

Contains no artificial flavours, sweeteners, colourings or preservatives.

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