Supplier Awards.

Here in the Cotswolds, we are lucky to have some of the best local producers of Artisan foods in the country who have won some much coveted awards.

Great Tastes

There is something about a great taste awards product, don’t you think? Most of our suppliers have some of these amazing awards, whether it’s for a particular flavour or type of product. This is why we are careful in selecting what producers we use for our make your own hamper section. We understand than when you, our customers choose to create  your own hamper with us, we need to offer only the best tastes!

Academy Chocolate Award

If it wasn’t enough for our delicious chocolate maker to stock their products in Harrods, they also have a gold for this specialist award. So, at Love Local for Foodies, we are proud to offer the very best chocolate that you can buy so that you can select this when you make your own hamper. Our pre-made Artisan hamper options also offer these products.

 Cool Brands Award

Trust Artisan Kitchen to pick up this award – no surprise there! Sarah’s products are almost always included in our pre-made Artisan Hamper options but we feel they are a must in every make your own hamper option here online. They brighten up any artisan hamper and provide a real contemporary kick!

First Prize at Three County Show

A well known County event, the best prize for our local cider makers. This is a good reason to offer a selection in our make your own hamper shop online.

Best Cotswold Oil Producer Award

Cotswold Gold is standing up for just that! Something for everyone to use, this amazing oil is perfect for any make your own hamper option.

Artisan Marmalade Award

With unusual flavours, amazing taste and fabulous branding, why wouldn’t you include one of these products when you make your own hamper.

Browse our Cotswold Produce suppliers here and find more great brands that produce the Artisan local goods you can fill a make your own hamper with.

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